For as long as I can remember, my resolution each year is always to LOSE WEIGHT - or variations on a theme. Get healthy. Stay fit. Run a marathon. Eat better. Fit into a pair of old jeans. Blah, blah, blah.

And on each January 1, I employed a combination of tactics. I've worked out with She-Ra (personal trainer) until I almost threw up, soldiered through Soldiers of Fitness, tortured myself with various fad diets and programs (Eat Right For Your Blood Type, Dr. Atkins, Bernstein, Weight Watchers...) and even run myself into the ground with not one, but several daily exercise regimes. I've joined every gym in Alberta at some point - from Curves to the YMCA and everything in-between.

I've even been successful a few times. About six years ago, I lost 60 pounds on the Bernstein Diet, though I paid the price for that scary program. At Weight Watchers, I shed 30 pounds. During the Curves Weight Management Program I dropped 40 pounds. And after six months with She-Ra, she had me down to a mesmerizing size 6. I bought a lot of clothes that year.

But of course, I never stay that size. Sometimes the weight loss lasts a few months, rarely more than a year. I've become quite good at losing the weight - I just don't have a clue how to keep it off.

This will be the year I change that.

I met Karen at Curves, and our friendship was cemented over books, fishing, and movies. Last year we challenged each other to read 100 books in 2010. This year, we're supporting each other in our personal challenges to lose 50 pounds and keep it off.

To do that, I have to let it all hang out.

So here goes.

Current weight: 205
Goal weight: 155
Ideal clothing size: 8
Reward when I reach my goal? A shopping spree in Victoria Secret's online catalogue. I'm a sucker for the clothes.

Ready 2011? Me too. Bring it on!