What can I say, Dawn has hit it right on the head.  "Losing weight is a bitch".  So true when your the one who is trying to get fit.  I won't say skinny, just fit, and able to get into a pair of jeans that doesn't have double digits as its size.  Ah that would be my dream....

I am a 35 year of mother of 4, two wonderful stepsons and two amazing daughters.  Married to an amazing husband, who seems to struggle with the support of his wife trying to better herself.  Don't get me wrong, he is trying, but that is my main reason for starting this blog with Dawn.  I needed somewhere that I could go to find the support I desired.

I have been heavy most of my life, and am now looking to make a lifestyle change to get out of my fat pants!  Dawn has introduced me to spinning, aquasize, and dancing for fitness.  I am stoked and ready to blast this fat right off my ample ass!