Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yo-yo, YO dance, I'm missing you

My eating habits this past week and a half are about as up and down as a yo-yo. One minute I'm overdosing on carrot sticks and hummus, and the next I'm begging for just one more bite of handsome husband's pink sea salt vanilla caramel chocolates. (No, seriously, they were amazing!)

Same goes for working out. One day I'm sandwiching a 5 km run between pilates and spin class, and the next, I'm sprawled out on the couch enjoying a Supernatural marathon. (No, seriously, Sam and Dean are amazing!)

So it isn't surprising that when I stepped on the scale Sunday (Feb 13), I was down only half a pound.

On the one hand, I'm grinning - that's 15 pounds since January 1, 2011. I feel different - more confident, less lazy. Happier. Lighter. Full of energy and enthusiasm...for the most part.

But then there's days, like today, where the thought of that 5 km fills me with the kind of fear reserved usually for front row stints at J'Adore Dance. I'm actually blaming Jessica and her team (in jest) for my enthusiasm slump.

I love spin class, and when the instructor is right and the music is right, I can leave class a sweaty, happy mess. But often the tunes are weak, and the teacher isn't helping me through the end-of-day sluggish feeling. I also LOVE to run - and as I increase my mileage and speed, I feel stronger and closer to the adrenaline high I covet. Not to mention the new Nikes hubby promised if I stick to my goals...

But neither of those activities - as awesome as they are - give me the same satisfaction as dance. It doesn't matter that I am way more comfortable on the treadmill than I am on the dance floor, or that the mirrors in the studio add ten pounds to my already large-ish frame.

It's the atmosphere I'm addicted to - a place where the instructors always smile, and I never question the choice of music, even during Dance Quickie country week.

By the time I get back to dance next Tuesday, I'll have missed TWO weeks of Fit Hop, Salsa Burn, Dance Quickies and Naughty Hotties. Admittedly, the first week was my fault - too much on the go. But J'Adore took a well-deserved hiatus this week and I'm suffering dance withdrawal.

I'm also off routine.

For all of January I made lunches ripe with pre-cut veggies and cute little packages of red pepper hummus. I shied clear of cookies, chocolate, high-fat foods... But since I've been dancing less, I've been slack on food choices. Coincidence?

Perhaps...but I am vowing to change that. Tonight I'm cutting up the broccoli and caulifower hiding in the back of my fridge, and hauling out the Dance Central game on my XBox Kinect. It's not J'Adore, but if I can convince my husband to hang out in the basement with me, I'll even brave the front row...tee hee.

Honestly? I'm REALLY looking forward to going back to dance. You win,'ve converted me. xo

Current weight: 190
Goal Weight: 150

- Dawn

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hung over...?

I didn't have a single drink during yesterday's Superbowl game, yet this morning - and late into the afternoon - I feel almost...hung over.

Could I be nursing the after-effects of an overindulgence of food?

My head hurts, and I feel lethargic. My eyes are slightly blurred and I can't focus...on reading, writing, or even conversation. I spent the weekend at WordsWorth with a group of talented young (and adult) writers, where my biggest burst of energy was spent during a half-hour walk through ice-covered paths. Camp food is good, but not known for its health properties, and the evening snacks of fruit-filled tarts, cookies, and decadent hot chocolate did little to sway me from temptation. (Marshmallows AND sprinkles? Who has that kind of willpower?)

In fact, between two days of camp fare, a fabulous dinner that included white chocolate brownie for dessert, and an epic gorging of Superbowl snack foods yesterday, I can feel my body bloating - and complaining. What happened to my healthy regime of fresh fruits and vegetables? Why couldn't I resist the sweets?

I wasn't able to step on the scale on my official weigh-in day (I'd already packed everything but the kitchen sink) so I did so this morning. Not surprisingly, I lost only half a pound this week.

I'm not beating myself up over that, because truth be told, I kind of needed the break. I woke up this morning committed to getting back on track, and planned my meals with health in mind. A Wednesday board meeting means missing dance, but the rest of the week is filled with activity, starting with Spin tonight.

Now to indulge in a nap to take the edge off this afternoon's lingering hang over.

Current weight: 190.5
Target weight: 150

- Dawn

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice, ice baby (I need some)

I love Fit Hop, honestly, I do but Jessica's Old School Fit Hop routine last night just about did me in. 

I don't have the energy to even talk about the puddles of sweat pouring off my body, or how I crawled out of bed cursing Jessica and her damn "running man" moves. 

But I did wake up singing Vanilla Ice... 

Forgive my cheesy rendition of an old classic (jump back!), but I think it about sums up how I feel this morning.

*clears throat*

Ice ice baby
(I need some) ice ice baby

All right, stop, my body says listen
My knee is throbbing with absolute conviction
Something in my abs is knotted up tight
Ribs are bruised like I got in a fight
Will it ever stop, yo! not a chance
As long as I’m fit hopping at J’Adore Dance
To the extreme I bust moves like a vandal
Now I’m so tired, I’m blown out like a candle
Love it or leave it, I’m losing lots of weight
Even when I miss the bull’s eye steps, and just play
If there’s a problem, Yo! J’Adore will solve it
Check out my “What?” while Jessica revolves it

Ice, ice baby
(I need some) ice ice baby

This morning my body is jumping
With adrenaline kicked in, my heartbeat is pumping
Quick to the point, most of the moves I’m faking
Cuz Sunday morning I want a pound of bacon
Sweating on the dance floor, though I’m not so nimble
I go back in time when I hear a cymbal
Old school hip hop  beats with a souped up tempo
I’m on a roll, think it’s time to go solo
(Just kidding!)

Ice, ice baby
(I need some) ice ice baby

Current weight: 191
Target weight: 150

- Dawn

PS - this was me in high school, when Vanilla Ice was cool. Note: I have the BIGGEST hair and the rocking Miami Dolphons jacket with the hoop earrings. HAWT. (Stop laughing!)