Monday, February 7, 2011

Hung over...?

I didn't have a single drink during yesterday's Superbowl game, yet this morning - and late into the afternoon - I feel almost...hung over.

Could I be nursing the after-effects of an overindulgence of food?

My head hurts, and I feel lethargic. My eyes are slightly blurred and I can't focus...on reading, writing, or even conversation. I spent the weekend at WordsWorth with a group of talented young (and adult) writers, where my biggest burst of energy was spent during a half-hour walk through ice-covered paths. Camp food is good, but not known for its health properties, and the evening snacks of fruit-filled tarts, cookies, and decadent hot chocolate did little to sway me from temptation. (Marshmallows AND sprinkles? Who has that kind of willpower?)

In fact, between two days of camp fare, a fabulous dinner that included white chocolate brownie for dessert, and an epic gorging of Superbowl snack foods yesterday, I can feel my body bloating - and complaining. What happened to my healthy regime of fresh fruits and vegetables? Why couldn't I resist the sweets?

I wasn't able to step on the scale on my official weigh-in day (I'd already packed everything but the kitchen sink) so I did so this morning. Not surprisingly, I lost only half a pound this week.

I'm not beating myself up over that, because truth be told, I kind of needed the break. I woke up this morning committed to getting back on track, and planned my meals with health in mind. A Wednesday board meeting means missing dance, but the rest of the week is filled with activity, starting with Spin tonight.

Now to indulge in a nap to take the edge off this afternoon's lingering hang over.

Current weight: 190.5
Target weight: 150

- Dawn


  1. Amen!

    I also suffer from pizza and cake. Attack of the veggies and fruit should ease the owies, but not soon enough. Zzzzz....

  2. You have an excuse - it was your birthday. No one expects your willpower to be awesome on such a special occasion! xoxo