Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Already addicted

For most of my life, chocolate has been my stress-reliever of choice. I'm not even picky about the kind - well, I draw the line at dark chocolate, even if it is allegedly better for me. If I want to soften the calorie blow, I opt for a Big Turk (the lies I tell myself) and when I've hit rock bottom, I pull out the big guns - like Caramilk, or Snickers, or...you get the idea. *wipes drool*

Today is a Caramilk + Snickers kind of day, folks.

Strangely, I'm not digging around in my change purse to feed the chocolate bar vending machine down the hall.

Instead, I'm mourning the fact that I can't go to dance class tonight. *wipes tear*


Karen and I went to Spin last night, and despite the crappy music selection, I marveled at how pumped up I get when the songs are cranked and sweat is pouring off my chin. After an hour of spinning, my body feels weak, and my hunger is off the charts - but my tummy burns (in that I-just-did-a-kick-butt-workout kind of way) even the next morning. It's amazing!

That's how I feel after a J'Adore Dance class. Sweaty. Sore.

And fantastic.

Which is why I'm really bummed I have to miss Salsa Burn with the awesomeness that is Meaghan.

In truth, I'm already addicted to exercise. That's both good - and dangerous. Knowing my day job schedule was packed, and my evening meeting-filled, I still tugged along my workout gear in the slim hope I'd have even a few minutes to hop on the treadmill or fit in a quick swim. And as each stressful minute ticked by, I felt the letdown of knowing any window of opening was almost closed.

I have planned a full week of activity. Probably too full. I know I should take a day off - to allow my muscles to recover and all that jazz. But I can't shake the guilt of not going to the gym, especially knowing it would be the perfect relief for my Caramilk + Snickers kind of stress.

One week in and the exercise addiction already has a hold on me...

If only I could love vegetables half as much.

Current weight: 198
Goal weight: 150

- Dawn


  1. or fruit or liver or Heinekin or...
    well you get the drift.

    And by the way, dark chocolate rocks.. there's just NO accounting for taste sheesh.

  2. Oh, the awesomeness you missed! I was on my GAME tonight lol :) I was so tired that I couldn't even stay for Fit Hop ... but I promise to go easy on you next week, so you'd better be there. Sue was shooting me dagger looks all by her lonesome :)