Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yo, LIESA! My abs are talking to YOU!

Obviously not MY abs....but you're welcome.    
Somewhere beneath 40-ish pounds of fat, my six-pack is screaming at LIESA.

J'Adore Dance's Fit Hop Queen, JESSICA was sick last night, so the torture torch was passed on to Liesa.

With only eight hours of sleep under my belt in two days, I admit, I felt a little relief about the instructor change. Surely the former ballerina wouldn't intimidate my hip hop style, right?


So, so, wrong.

I can still hear Liesa's sweet voice telling a full class of women - and one random guy (Hi, Erik!) - that we'd have to help her get her "funk on." Even through the warm up she led me into a false sense of security: No problem, I thought. I can DO this.

Or not.

Liesa called her class Fit Hop Abs. When I woke up this morning, I was calling it - and her - by a variety of different names. Now that I've popped a couple Advil and am comfortably seated at my desk, I'm far less hostile.

And actually, somewhat appreciative. (*shhhh*)

In my aggressive (obsessive?) workout schedule, I haven't specifically targeted my abs. I understand that choosing lower fat foods, cutting back on sodium, and doing a variety of cardio-inspired activities will naturally shave the pounds off my belly. But for what my stepdaughter would deem "ABS!", II'll eventually have to kick things up a notch.

Last night, we "popped" it to the front, the left, the right - a seemingly endless string of upright abdominal crunches. And just when I thought there might be a break in the action, Liesa added a new ab-challenging move. And then another... until after almost an hour I was ready to beg for mercy.

I didn't, though.

#1 - how embarrassing to grovel, right?

#2 - I recognized the routine from Jessica's Fit Hop session last season and...I DID the steps. Not perfectly. God, no. I'm a long way from being a Fit Hop diva. But, I know I was doing them somewhat right because the muscles that should My back doesn't ache at all, which it would if I'd done the steps with complete disregard of Liesa's instruction.

The intensity of Jessica's Fit Hop sessions always leave me breathless, but often I'm still trying to figure out the footwork while everyone else has moved on to the cool down. I kept up with Liesa (mostly) last night - and laughed a lot. (More Ab work!)

You were missed, Jess, but Liesa, darling, you definitely had your funk on last night and I'd happily take a Fit Hop class from you anytime.

Current weight: 196
Target weight: 150


  1. Owie,owie,owie.
    You are a brave girl. I got to leave, haha!

  2. Donna, I think Liesa would love to see you at Fit Hop. Me too!
    - D