Sunday, January 9, 2011

The first week done, and I am still alive!

Wow! What a week!  After the first week of our weight loss journey I am down 6.5 pounds.  It feels good!  It's nice to be under 200 lbs again!  It's not a major milestone yet, but it feels like I am living again.

It was a busy week. Dawn finally convinced me to go to the dance fitness courses at Jadore Dance.  Honestly, the thought of walking into an actual dance studio and shaking my ample bon-bon scared the hell out of me.  I refused many times to go with Dawn.  Last week, I finally sucked it up and went.  Damn, I have never had more fun in my life!

You have to understand, I have two left feet...I cannot put together the easiest of dance steps, or so I thought.  Walking into Jadore, I was SCARED!  Scared that I was going to fall on my face, or that I would topple mutliple innocent bystanders in one of my discombobulated dance
moves.  Again, damn was I wrong.

The atmosphere at Jadore is amazing.  They don't look at you and determine just because of your size, or wardrobe what kind of dancer you will be.  They are warm and open, and always making jokes.  It makes you feel comfortable, almost like your with your extended family (without the uncomfortable stares, and finger pointing from your in-laws).  The dance started and I took off!   I found myself catching on quite quickly.  It made me feel AMAZING to dance with a group of other people.  Jessica was an amazing teacher, telling us if we need to stop or do our own thing, feel free.  We are not there to get onto "So you think you can dance" we are there to get fit.  God, I love you Jessica!

Thank you so much to all of those at Jadore Dance: Jessica, Lisa and Deanna (I haven't met Meaghan yet).  For letting me find my inner "dancing queen".  I am actually finding myself shaking my hips at work, and walking with a little more of a swagger.   Can we say confidence??? Oh hell yeah!!

This week Dawn and I did Spin on Monday and Saturday. I did a Wii workout on Tuesday.  Wednesday was Fit Hop (love it!) and Thursday was Naughty Hotties (yes i went to this as well).  Friday was a day off for us, and today was aquasize.   This week will pretty much be the same thing, but probably in a different order :)

My next week isn't starting out so well.  Tonight we had KFC...can I say Ugh! I ate, yes, but I can honestly say it didn't taste all that great.  Usually I can eat a whole box of fries and gravy from KFC...but tonight they just didn't taste right.  Oh well, tomorrows another day!

Starting weight:  204 lbs

Weight as of 01/08/10: 197.5 lbs

"Dancing Queen" Karen :)

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