Friday, January 21, 2011

The Power of One Word

I know it's been two weeks since I have written a blog.  I'm very sorry to all readers, but life has gotten in my way.  With four kids there is much "me" time in my house.

Although..I have found time for dance at Jadore Dance, Spin classes, and other fitness pursuits.  This is something I will make time for, no matter what.

The title of this blog refers to the word "What!".  I know it seems like a silly thing, but it is amazing how much confidence and power you feel when your shouting it to yourself in the wall to wall mirror at Jadore Dance.  The step they use to do this is called "The Rocker Step".  This is a simple step where you rock back and forth from one foot to the other, kind of like a pendulum (but your going forward and back, not side to side).  As you rock forward, you spread your arms, so you look like a bad-ass gangster type of rapper, and say What?!.  Again, I know it sounds ridiculous, but honestly the kick it gives you in the "mental rear" is amazing.  Your confidence soars, and you will keep trying to make yourself look all bad when you're doing the move (oh and there's the always amusing "Uh" sound you make when your rock backwards).  You will laugh, and smile at yourself doing Fit Hop, even when your trying your damnedest to look "bad ass"

Then there is the teacher of Fit Hop, Jessica.  This woman is so amazing.  I can't tell you how much I really look up to her.  She is a woman who has children, runs her own business (she owns Jadore), shakes her tush like Beyonce, and has a heart of gold.   Never have I been to a dance studio (honestly it did happen a couple times) and had the teacher come to the front of the class and tell you "If you can't do it, do what you can". Me being the bumbling clutz I am, those words were like gold to me.  I felt some confidence in the beginning and now I (although still not good with all the moves) can walk into that studio and know I may not be able to do all the moves just like her, but hey, THAT'S OK!   Fit Hop is an amazing class, and Jessica an amazing teacher.

Naughty Hotties is another course I am taking. This course is not as intense as Fit Hop, but it is still a workout.  This course is to find your "inner stripper" :)  Actually that is one of the conditions of the course, you need to find your stripper, as I am a lover of  dead things, blood, zombies and such,  I chose my stripper name to be the Gothic Godiva. :)

Deanne is the teacher of this course, and she is amazing as well.  She has a way of making the women in this course bring out their inner naughtiness, and for one hour become that stripper we all wanted to be at some time in our lives (ok maybe not a stripper, but you know what I'm talking about).   She flows smoothly like water on the floor, her body like a rippling wave.  I honestly try to be like Deanne, but damn it, it's a hard road to follow, so to say.  :)

The use of humor to lighten the feelings of awkwardness is one of her tricks and she does it very well.  Actually right now I am smiling as I think about painting a line on the floor with a very long paintbrush...I'll just leave that one to the imagination....I love that Deanne says things like "Women should use their curves"  and "Ample hips are a good thing".  And then there is her little mental vacation when she is talking about Christian Bale....again I am smiling.   She makes me WANT to shake my booty, and paint that line on the floor even though I am not as graceful as her.

Now that I have spent two weeks with them, I respect, admire and love them (in a totally non-sexual way) LOL!  They have brought out a part of me, I never knew was there.

Ok, I think I've said all I wanted to say about my dancing exploits.

Last Saturday when I weighed myself, I had lost half a pound (yay?!).  I weighed myself yesterday and I had gained a 1.5 pounds back! GASP!  I have no idea what went wrong?!  Probably nothing, I could be gaining muscle, or retaining water...or this...or that...or it could be the baclava my next door neighbor brought over as a thank you for shoveling her walk (Damn her!!!  *shakes fist*).  She is an elderly lady, who is always baking and/or buying things as a way to say thank-you for the family shoveling her walk, mowing her lawn etc. etc.  She's sweet yes, but not as sweet as that bloody baclava..(still shaking my fist). Anyway life goes on and so will my quest for 50 lbs in 2011!  Weigh in day is tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes.

The picture I used for this blog doesn't really portray my feelings of confidence and sexiness Jessica, Leisa and Deanne make me feel , but damnit!  It's freaking cute!!!


  1. It is a cute picture! And I'm with y'all all the way!

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying the dance classes :-) You look great and I love to see you smile.
    - D