Sunday, January 16, 2011

Emotional rescue

This post has nothing to do with Mick Jagger...other than I bet a lot of food passes through those infamous lips. And, well, he's looking a little rough in this picture.

Which is pretty much how I feel after an emotional roller coaster of a week.

Ironically, my "emotional rescue" came in the form of a scale. In just over two weeks, I've lost nine pounds. I'm convinced it would have been ten had I not succumbed to a pizza and beer night...the day after I declared "cheat day" with a McDonalds Angus Burger. Oy.

I am the poster child for the emotional eater. Before Karen and I started this fitness journey, I ate when I was upset. Or sad. Or downright mad.

These days, I turn to fitness.


I don't deal well with emotional hurt. Punch me in the face and I'll bounce back. But put a knife in my heart? Well hell, you may as well call Ronald McDonald and have him special deliver me an upsized Double Big Mac meal.

I got hurt this week, and the temptation to idle in the the Golden Arches' drive-thru lane was strong.

Lucky for me, I have a husband who loves me, and a network of besties who want me to succeed. Not because I don't meet their standards, but because they love me. And care for me.

Just the way I am. (*insert Bruno Mars here*)

I worked out like a fiend this week. Between dance (five classes) at J'Adore Dance, aquasize, three spin classes (including one that almost killed me), and several sessions on the XBox Kinect (I am still cursing Jillian Michaels on the Biggest Loser game), I barely had time to breathe.

But it got me through the hurt, and the disappointment of facing the fact my perception wasn't real.

What is real is the number on the scale. I'm pretty proud of that, and the personal challenges I've set. I've planned a trip to Vegas with one of my besties in April and we want to be down 20 pounds each by then. That same friend and I are going to ride our bikes to Calgary this summer as well. While I'm not new to bicycle road trips, Sue-ber is, and I'm SO excited to share that journey with her.

My heart has healed somewhat and I'm ready to give it my all next week. I know the pounds will come off slower now - it is neither realistic or healthy to lose weight so quickly. But I'm loving the new energy - and confidence - losing even nine pounds has given me.


Current weight: 196
Goal weight: 150


  1. You are doing so awesome! And you're so brave! I can't even step on a scale, never mind post my weight for the world to see. But oh, did you have to post a pic of Mick? What is that an appetite suppressant?

  2. Oh Donna, you made me laugh out loud. I love it - appetite suppressant. You're amazing. xo

  3. I on that bandwagon as well, trying not to fall. I wish you and Karen the best. I know y'all will do well!

  4. Yayyy!! gotta love when you are on your game, ma belle amie <3

  5. Rocky - you can do eet! I have faith. xoxo

    Jamie - I <3 you. Thanks for your support. And, um, the motivation of the bikini challenge. Bwahahaha

  6. So proud of you! You have always been such a hard worker and given 110% so i"m not surprised, just super jealous :)

    Are you really going to Vegas? So exciting!

    You are an amazing writer i'm sure you will manage to do it all!

    Gotta go Sloane is telling me she needs to go potty, poor thing is so upset she has to sit to pee.... LOL

    Love you!

  7. Awww. Thanks, Tiffer. Yes, definitely going to Vegas. Not sure of exact dates, but I'm already excited. I miss you and your gorgeous kids.
    Love you.