Monday, January 31, 2011

Colour me shocked

I'll be honest. I didn't expect the scale to move this week.

A mid-week breakdown, and two cheat days - like, serious cheat days - had me convinced I'd gained back half the weight I've lost since January 1, 2011.

I think my handsome hubby thought that as well - or worse - when he heard my scream from the bathroom Sunday morning. I lost three pounds this week!

Which brings my month loss to 13.

I'm pretty happy about that.

Although it was a busy week, Karen and I managed to tackle a number of activities, including two spin classes at the rec centre, and two dance classes at J'Adore Dance.

But this week, I also reconnected with running. Knowing my tendency to push things too far, I'm starting out slow, working on walk / run splits, and gradually increasing my time, distance and speed. This week, I brought myself up to 35 minutes, with a top distance of 3.7 km.

I wanted to work out more. I slept through aquasize, missed racquetball, didn't even turn on the Kinect until Sunday night, and blew off three dance sessions to meet my cousin and her new baby at the airport for a brief layover. So worth it.

Balance, right?

I'm gearing up for another hectic week - though nothing that *should* interfere with my exercise schedule - and am already excited about spin tonight. As my friend Jessica made me promise, I've stocked my fridge with healthy treats so I won't skip dinner before going to her classes at J'Adore. I won't over exert myself this week (promise!), but I am going to keep pushing.

Because, you know what? I like this feeling. I like:

  • Trying on bathing suits and finding one that I actually love
  • Playing Kinect with my stepdaughter and NOT cringing at the playback images
  • Grabbing the first thing in my closet and having it fit - perfectly
  • Doing laundry and NOT being panicked about whether the dryer will shrink my pants / shirts
  • Shopping in stores I've never been able to shop in before (like BENCH)
  • Feeling an increase in energy
  • Filling the bath tub with far less bubbles to hide myself
  • A smoother complexion, brighter eyes, naturally rosier cheeks
  • Wearing clothes other than sweats - and heels!
  • Smiling a lot more
  • Knowing that with 13 pounds down, I am THAT much closer to my goal of 50 pounds this year - and the number doesn't scare me anymore
Karen and I have renewed our passes at the gym (yay for Spin!), we're ready for a full slate of dance classes, and I'm hoping to run 4 km this week. Maybe twice. I'm extremely proud of us :-)

Current weight: 192
Goal weight: 145

- Dawn


  1. Never hide in the bubbles - every bit of you is the reflection of beauty of a life well-lived. No matter how big or little those bits are, they are the reward for all the hardships endured, good things done, favourite memories and living life, instead of watching from the side lines.

    And you have to eat before MY classes too :)

  2. Way to go Dawn!

    I found the same thing happened to me.I didn't workout as hard last week, and I allowed myself a couple of small treats. I didn't blimp out and my body got a little rest. It worked. But we'll be back at it this week, right ;)