Saturday, January 8, 2011

Embracing the new year

I'm down 6 pounds this week.

I'm surprised it isn't more, to be honest. In addition to drastically reducing calories and increasing my water intake, I've pretty much spent more time at the gym than I have sleeping. That's my typical MO - go hard or go home.

I read somewhere that 2011 is the year of losing weight through a variety of activities. I'm all over that.

The week looked a little like this:

Sunday - aquasize and pilates
Monday - spin and raquetball
Tuesday - Salsa Burn at J'Adore Dance and pilates
Wednesday - Dance Quickie and Fit Hop at J'Adore Dance
Thursday - Naughty Hotties at J'Adore Dance and Kinect games withe the family
Saturday - Spin

With a few variations, that will be the line-up - until I crash.

I love working out - or rather, how I feel after the burn - so the activity slate excites me rather than intimidates. Cutting back the calories? That's a whole other story.

My mother-in-law is in visiting, which has meant eating out a little more. I've made relatively good choices but there's something about a pomegranate martini (or three) I can't resist. I weighed in a bit early because (since I'm being honest), we're recreating Christmas dinner tonight because we weren't together over the holidays.

I can already smell the candied yams, the turkey, the stuffing... But the kicker (diet sabotage) will be dessert. Fresh tiramisu from the Italian Centre.

Current weight: 199
Goal weight: 150

- Dawn


  1. You won't crash!!! I won't let you!! Love ya to much for that!!

  2. Dawn,

    Pilates is a bitch, I bow to you doing it, sunshine.

    I'll forgive you this tiramisu, special circumstances. ( and, TRULY, who can resist fresh tiramisu from the Italian Shop?? )


  3. Thanks Karen <3

    Jamie - Frankly, who can resist ANYTHING from the Italian Centre?!